Welcome to Boseong Italiangreyhound kennel homepage.
    I'm a Italian greyhound breeder in Korea. since 2003, I have breeded Italian greyhouds mainly from American kennel.  At recent, I started to breed Italian greyhounds from Europe too.
    As you know, Italian greyhound is really attractve and elegant dog, I have tried to breed standard IGs for show and breeding very hard.
    I hope IGs in Korea be high quality and acceptable IG standard in the world. and I think that is my duty to develop quality of Italian greyhound as a breeder. 
    I want many people to know Italian greyhound's charm and merit.  
    I'm sure that will be a blessing for them.

    You can see detail about my Italian greyhouds in Korean webpage.

    If you are interested in my IGs, contact me.

    e-mail address
    : boseongig@naver.com

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